Package Insurance

Package Insurance

-In rare cases, packages get lost during shipment or they may get held in Customs with no way of taking them back. Our Package Insurance is a small fee that will guarantee a 100% exchange in an event that your package may fall into these unfortunate events. Package Insurance will ensure you get a good night's sleep knowing that no matter what happens, your package will 100% arrive right to your door.

Cases that Package Insurance does not cover

There are limits as to what our Package insurance cover, such as:

1. Item marked as delivered but claimed not to be found.

-There have been several instances that our Package Insurance have been used as a way to commit fraud. Due to this, we cannot offer you an exchange when your package has been marked as delivered by the courier.

2. Sizing mistake and any other relative customer mistake

-Any error towards your item that has not been caused by us will not be covered by the Insurance. We will of course be more than happy to exchange your sneakers to your desired size if you wish to do so, but this will incur a restocking fee and back shipping to us will be covered by the customer.