To express our gratitude on your continued support, we at Drip Cartel offer FREE International Shipping on orders over $250 USD.

Average Shipping Time

-Due to High volume of orders daily, packages typically get dispatched from our warehouses within 5-7 business days. This process is similar as to when you purchase from StockX or GOAT. During this time, we may not have your shipping details yet. Please do not to message us with regards to your tracking info before 7 days of your order placement. However, in almost every circumstance, tracking numbers are already sent out before 7 business days.

Once your package has arrived to a DHL/ Fedex/ USPS facility, we will then send you an automatic email containing your Shipping and Tracking info.

Estimated Time of Arrival is 2-3 weeks. However, this is only a rough estimate as most packages arrive within 14 days of order placement.

Order Placement

-Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email consisting of your order number and order details. You can review and change your order within 48 hours. After 48 hours has passed, we can no longer change your order as this will already be processed by our ground crew.

I have received my tracking number, but my package hasn't moved for a few days

-This is a common occurrence with shipping companies. Sometimes your package has already arrived at their warehouse waiting to be scanned. Please wait atleast 2-3 days for your information to be updated in their systems.

Where will my order be shipped from?

-In most cases, orders will be shipped from Philippines and Saudi Arabia if you are from the United States. For some, we use Shanghai as this has one of the biggest transportation Airports in the world. *We make sure to only use the most secured and fastest available shipping method to you.

Where are your warehouses located?

-Although our base of operations is located in New York, in order to maintain our prices as low as possible our warehouses are located in different parts of the world. We have warehouses in the Philippines, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain) We also have one in Shanghai and one in Taiwan. This is strategically placed as these countries are proven to be reliable and the safest country routes when it comes to shipping.

What does my package look like when i receive it?




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