Unauthorized Authentic

What is Unauthorized Authentic?

-Unauthorized Authentic means that a particular product came directly from the same exact factory, from the same exact people that made the original product. For sneakers, this usually means that a lot of these products are not registered and are unauthorized to be sold.

A lot of factories that supply to large brand name companies typically create 5000-10,000+ extra pairs in the event that there may be a need for more pairs. Including as a back up for when a shipment is damaged or other related issues including weather damages as a lot of these pairs are stored in warehouses for months, some even years before they are sent out to different parts of the world.

So what do these factories do when they hit their quota and are left with thousands upon thousands of shoes? Well, the answer is simple! They destroy them to induce scarcity. It may sound crazy, but once you realize how the hype around the Supreme brand came about, im sure you'll know exactly what we are talking about.

So how do we obtain a lot of these pairs? Well, the key to success is to connect with people who know people. By flying in and out of China (before pandemic) where most of these manufacturers are located, we are able to come into an agreement with a lot of these factories to work along side them. Better than destroying their own products, right?

Now that we have covered Unauthorized Authentic, the question for you is;

Why pay more for something that's exactly the same?

For brand loyalty?

For ego?

Whatever it may be, we are becoming a very popular alternative to people who despise the reselling culture.

Once you go UA, you never go back.